SBI Web Designs Do you want your business to look professional?...

Now that you have developed a business online, isn't it time to take YOUR new professional image seriously?

We definitely think so ...

If people think your site looks unprofessional, they may view your business as unprofessional, too. We know it may not be true in your case, but many visitors will make this assumption. Why take that chance with your business and jeopardize your sales?

We believe that investing in a professional-looking site is a crucial and a wise decision. Don't let poor design and free clipart drive your customers away!

Make your site memorable with a unique design that will brand you as a professional online as well as make your site more visually appealing. We are an SBI Certified Webmaster Service

With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Our flexible design staff will always focus on your wishes to achieve the results you need and desire. We are a certified SBI webmaster service, so you know we'll overdeliver!

Testimonial: "Recently I had the good luck of finding Eva Almeida. Her expertise in web design and her patience and understanding are absolutely of the highest caliber. I whole-heartedly recommend Eva if you need any kind of assistance with your website."
Michael Donish, www.insurancequotes4u.com

We offer three different web design options:

  1. SBI Template-style: lowest cost option
  2. Third party templates: cost of purchasing template not included
  3. Custom-designed by our design team: most pricey option, $30/hour

SBI Template Design:

Our minimum fee is $500 for a 5 page SBI template and our prices increase with the amount of customization you require. This site was created using an SBI template which is the simplest method for designing your site. You can add navigational bars to the left or links below the site. This option would cost $500 for up to 5 pages and you would provide the content. This does not include keyword analysis fees of $300 if you need us to do an in-depth report.

See site in action: http://www.ebook-templates.com

Another example: http://www.weight-loss-aids.com



Examples of prices for different sized web sites:

5 page starter site - $500

12 page intermediate site - roughly $1000

20 page ecommerce-enabled site - $2000 (not including ecommerce cart fees)

Customized SBI Template:

Designed for a mystery fiction author, this site has slightly more customization of the header and buttons (an extra $150) and we have added a newsletter service. Monthly maintenance fees would apply if you need content added on a regular basis... at $30/hour.



See site in action: http://www.mysteryfiction.net

Other examples:


Third Party Templates:

We created this one with a ready made third party template... see site templates to purchase (cheaper option than for us to custom-design your template.) Notice that the header incorporates the navigation instead of using buttons to the left as in the other examples. This is a more pricey option than using SBI templates that comes with your purchase of SBI hosting.

See site in action: http://www.onlinedatingservice.net


Flash-Designed Templates:

We have created several sites that have incorporated some flash elements (our site is one of them -- look at the top of the page for the globe with spinning text.) Visit the the SBI site for another recent example of how flash can be incorporated into your custom SBI site.


http://www.nathaliemallet.com (not hosted at SBI)

Custom Designed Sites:

Here are examples of custom-designed sites (not hosted on SBI but it gives you an idea of our workmanship.)
  1. http://www.baycitybombers.com
  2. http://www.optimalhealthezine.com
  3. http://www.survivorsguide.org
  4. http://www.joanweston.com
  5. http://www.fitness-for-brides.com (header and cover)
  6. http://www.guaranteed-weightloss.com (header and cover)
  7. http://www.ebookbroadcast.com
  8. http://www.free-ebooks.net
  9. http://www.ebook-promotion.com
  10. http://www.ebook-reviews.net
  11. http://www.ebooksnbytes.com
  12. http://www.ebookcompilers.com
  13. http://www.ebookcreate.com

What is included in our services:

  1. Keyword/domain selection advice (in-depth report is $200 extra)
  2. Custom logo for customized options
  3. Mild editing of content (spelling errors)
  4. Creation of header
  5. Creation of layout/structure
  6. Navigation of site (bars, links, image maps)
  7. Creation of each page at agreed upon price ($30 per hour)
  8. eBook or POD book covers if needed at $100 per cover
  9. Search engine for site (using third party services, Atomz)
  10. Sitemap (listing all of your pages -- great for search engines to find your pages)

What is not included in our services:

  1. In-depth Keyword Analysis and guidance by SEO Expert ($250)
  2. Full editing of content is available at an additional fee
  3. You will need to order the hosting if you haven't already. Click here to order Site Build-It.
  4. We don't create content for you
  5. We also don't provide copywriting, but we do have an expert on staff who is available for an additional fee.
  6. Search Engine submissions (since SBI does this automatically).
  7. Ezine publishing. We can set up the service for you, but you would be responsible for publishing your own ezine issues. We would be happy to teach you how.

Here's a breakdown of our services and fees for 2005:

1. Custom Header for SBI template $75
2. Addition of your content to SBI template $30 per hour
3. Customized SBI Template (includes web logo) $250
4. eBook Cover $100
5. POD cover $250
6. Logo (for print) $250
7. Keyword analysis (more in-depth than Manager) $300
8. Consulting and maintenance fees $30 per hour
9. Additional custom graphics $50 each
10. Newsletter template design $75


Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can you start my website?

We do work on several projects at a time, but we are booked up for the Spring season. We aren't taking on new clients at this time unless a client is not in a rush to have his or her site created.

2. How do you charge?

We usually send you a final invoice by email attachment when the job is finished. 3. How much do you charge?

That is variable. It depends upon how complicated the design is and how many pages the site has. A standard design costs somewhere between $500 and $750 for a small site of 5 pages (that includes a logo.) We couldn't give an exact quote until I know what you need. Our current hourly fee is $30 USD/hour for installation and consultations.

4. How do you accept payment?

We accept payments via PayPal, credit cards, a money order or checks in American or Canadian funds. 5. How long will you take to finish?

It depends upon what size of site you are looking to build, whether it is only a few pages or a large content site. A small site can take as little as a few days to create depending on whether you like the first design we create for you. Larger sites can take weeks or months. 6. Are there any sites you refuse to design?

Yes, ethically I refuse to design sites that are pornographic (dating sites are acceptable) or are related to gambling, racism, or violence. Also I won't design online pharmacy sites, since I am a pharmacist and it is against my professional nature to support them... ~ Eva Almeida, Marketing Edge Designs.


Please Contact Us Here anytime for a custom quote. We don't believe in providing a standard package price for all designs, since every client has different needs.

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