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Why send out plain, old, ordinary, run-of-the-mill mailers  for your business or important event, when you can dazzle your prospective clients or guests with a specially designed, unique postcard from Marketing Edge Designs?
Thank you so much  for the wonderful book cover – it is simply beautiful and I so appreciate your work in coming up with exactly the right look, even though I didn’t know where to begin. I had been unsure as to whether or not an ebook really needed a cover but sure enough, I noticed my sales increased immediately after having it done, and I have received many compliments on it. It was a pleasure working with you – keep in touch!
-Carol Ann Rowland
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Postcard mailers are a low-tech but highly effective way to promote your business.
Why are our postcard designs so unique? Because Inkbug Design creates fun, eye-catching postcards utilizing cartoons relevant to the reason behind your important message. The cartoon will not only captivate your audience's attention, but also cause them to remember the product, service or event that is being offered.
Need some ideas for using postcard designs? How about the following?
  -Grand Openings
  -Announcing a New Business
  -Open House
  -Home Parties/Demonstrations
  -Restaurant Coupons/Menu
  -Welcome to the Neighborhood
  -Local Events (author signings, craft shows, etc.)
  -Appointment Reminders (dentist, doctor, etc.)
  -Moving to a New Place
  -Fund Raisers (clubs, schools)
  -Membership Offers (gym, club, etc.)
  -Newsletter/Magazine Subscription Offers
  -Home Improvement Services (indoor, outdoor)
Your overall marketing program can be greatly improved with postcard mailers. Besides being affordable, which is always important, what other advantages are there to using postcards?
Size is a great selling point, as the consumer can carry them easily with them or attach it to their memo board or refrigerator.
Track them with ease if you require the potential customer to bring it with him to redeem.
Modern time savers for the reader as there is no envelope,
Making them eco-friendly, by saving our trees, making you "green" at the same time.
Eye-catching artwork is seen from the first glance, prodding them to read on and see what's in it for them.
Advantage over taking out a newspaper ad in that your competition is all but oblivious to what you are doing.
Versatility, as in just one mailing, it is possible to reach prospective customers while you solicit repeat business from existing customers, "branding" you and your company in a great way.
Don't forget to be creative. Besides mailings, you can use postcards as newsletters, mini-information sheets, oversized business cards, etc.
When choosing the best way to present your message, be sure it ultimately says, "call me!" One thing you don't want to do is add unnecessary information that weighs down your message or causes it to lose value. With your thoughts sent via a cartoon, it keeps it light but gets to the point and stays fixed in the readers memory so they act on it.
Marketing Edge Designs has been successfully helping companies as well as everyday folks to effectively communicate their ideas to the waiting audiences with positive results. Contact us today so that you too can be on the way to conveying your important concept to those within the communities you've chosen to market. The sooner we get started on your project, the faster you can get the message out so it can do its job, making $$$$ for you. We're looking forward to hearing from you!
Postcard Marketing Samples
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