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Attractive Print on Demand (POD) book cover designs help your books sell better.  If you’re looking for an eyecatching book cover or POD (Print on Demand) cover, you’ve come to the right place!
Traditionally, in order for an author to get published, hundreds of copies of books had to be printed in order to keep prices of individual books down.
I deeply
appreciate Manoj's professionalism, timeliness and talent,
and as a result, I now have 4 exceptional book and program covers! I highly recommend his work without
Carol Look, 
EFT Master
Since publishers tended to be wary of being stuck with unsold inventory, they would often avoid taking on new or unproven authors.
Fortunately, this has changed in recent times with the advent of POD (Print on Demand) technology. Basically, only enough copies of books are printed for starting sales; then additional copies are printed according to orders received. Hence, there is no excess inventory to be disposed of.
This makes it easier for an author to get his book published, since the problem of publishers being stuck with unsold inventory is avoided.
An attractive Print on Demand (POD) book cover design can make all the difference to your sales.
The explosion of new books and authors means that you need a POD book cover design that stands out from the crowd. This is where we can help you!
We have years of experience in designing POD covers and ebook covers for clients on various subjects—from Romance novels to Energy Psychology manuals-- and we know what works and what doesn't.
We'll work with you to ensure a really eyecatching cover for your Print on Demand book, one that gets your message across in the best possible way.
Your POD book cover will look great both in physical reality and in the graphics used to market your book online.
Please peruse the gallery below to see some of our work. Click here when you're ready to place your order.
POD Cover Samples
POD Cover 01
POD Cover 02
POD Cover 03
POD Cover 04
POD Cover 05
POD Cover 06
POD Cover 07
POD Cover 08
POD Cover 09
POD Cover 010
POD Cover 011
POD Cover 012
POD Cover 013
POD Cover 014
POD Cover 015
POD Cover 016
POD Cover 017
POD Cover 018
POD Cover 019
POD Cover 020
POD Cover 021
POD Cover 022
POD Cover 023
POD Cover 024
POD Cover 025
POD Cover 026
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