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Excellent Logo Design Speaks For Your Company.  Your company or corporate logo is often the first impression a client or potential client receives. It’s your sales representative, and the face your company presents to the world. Inkbug Design will help that face be the best it can possibly be. A good logo design should ideally get across a sense of the company, its philosophy, its values, what it stands for.
For years
Manoj has been my secret weapon and lead designer behind some of my most creative internet projects. His talents are endless and I can count on him to deliver only the highest quality of work and always within the project timeframes.
-Susan Hill
A financial institution, for example, would be best served by sober, corporate colors and a conservative font, while the logo design for a line of children’s clothing would employ a funkier, more colorful approach.
In all cases it’s important to pare down to the essentials, to simplify without being simplistic. This is what good logo designs do.
The logo is the image of your company, so it’s essential to spend time on defining and perfecting it before releasing it to the world. Well designed logos engage and interest the client; that’s what we aim for when we design your logo.
We also see to it that your logo is future proof, that it’s going to look fresh and contemporary over time. A logo design that looks outdated sends a negative message about the company.
There are now a number of software programs on the market that allow you to design your own template based logos. These make logo design fast and relatively cheap, however, you might end up with a design that’s similar to any number of logos created by other users of the same programs.
We treat every logo design as fresh and unique.
Your logo design should also be versatile and flexible, that is, it should work equally well across marketing channels, be they business cards, letterheads and stationery, signboards and adverts.
We have years of experience in designing logos that satisfy and will be happy to put that experience at your service, in order to craft a logo that is a truly unique and attractive and just right for your company.
We work with you throughout the process to evolve the logo to a point of perfection, using various text styles, colors and effects. That means unlimited revisions until you’re satisfied.
You’ll find us fast, responsive and highly creative. Your logo design will be all the better for it!
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