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So you're looking for a graphic artist that can spin magic with illustrations.  Well, you've come to the right place. Here at Marketing Edge Designs we create various types of illustrations to suit your every need, mood and situation.
What a truly
talented group. They are the most honest and unselfish in the business, caring only about the quality of their work and their customer’s satisfaction. Their integrity is commendable, and we are so very pleased with our book cover! On a scale of 1 to 10, this company weighs in at about a 20. Publishers really shouldn’t look anywhere else.
-Paul Spencer Alexander
“The Musician’s Companion”
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Whether you are looking for an illustration for a publication, say a book (tangible or virtual) book cover, poster or if you just want us to take your photos and transform them into eyecatching pop portraits, Marketing Edge Designs is with you all the way from concept to finished product.
What idea or mood are you looking to convey? If you want your book to have a cover that will make it jump off the shelf into the potential reader's hands, then trust Inkbug to illustrate that cover for you. Or if you need an illustration for your poster/flyer that will grab attention and motivate the reader to act according to your visual message, we can do that for you as well.
Change those drab newsletters into exciting information pages that will keep your subscribers riveted and wanting more of what you have to offer them. And what's a magazine without illustrations?
Put us to the test and see what we can design for you. We guarantee that you'll be thoroughly satisfied with our work and thrilled with how little it will cost you. Contact us today and we'll get right to the drawing board in developing the cutting edge illustrations you want and need for the project at hand.
Graphic illustrations can do much in portraying a specific idea or create a mood that enhances text documents for whatever medium you are using in that endeavor. Turn otherwise boring projects into ones that will breath life and convince your audience that what you have to say is worth listening to.
Put your trust in Marketing Edge Designs to wave its magic wand (well actually its magic pen, paintbrush, etc. You get the picture) to produce a crisp, colorful, piece of artwork that will draw readers in like a bees to a field of flowers. Whether its an actual tangible book or a virtual e-book, we’re ready to take it on.
Writing a children's book? Remember that you need a cover that will not only dazzle them, but draw them away from their mind-numbing video games and entice them to embark on a journey of words and pictures, to far-away lands or something in their own backyard. This means that the inside illustrations of your book need to be on the cutting edge too. Let Marketing Edge Designs take on that task for you, since that's what we excel at and see if we don't impress you with illustrations that will dazzle you as well.
Does your writing consist of articles, poems, newsletters, and/or magazines? Marketing Edge Designs' illustrations can help them take flight and stand tall above the competition with its innovative ideas. Watch your readership grow when you add eye-catching illustrations to an otherwise straightforward text document.
Contact Marketing Edge Designs today and let us design that distinct illustration(s) that will have people everywhere talking about your book, newsletter or what-have-you. We'll work with your budget and time constraints to present to you a work of art that you'll be proud to display as part of your venture.
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