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Boost Your Ebook Sales with our Great Cover Design.  If you're planning to publish an infoproduct, whether it's an ebook, CD or DVD set, software box set, report, or manual, it's absolutely crucial that it's packaged well.
An attractive cover design can make all the difference in capturing the interest of a visitor to your site.
designed my website header and I am very pleased with the result. He is very creative and his service is very quick. It took only 2 days to finalise everything !
He is very helpful and friendly too.
I would strongly recommend Manoj. Connect him today and reap the benefits.
-Ebru Ulufer
Are you looking for a great cover design for your ebook or other information product?
Often, your visitor may not know anything about you when he or she lands on your site. All they have to go by is your sales copy--and the way your product "looks".
Marketing Edge Designs treats EVERY ebook cover, CD or DVD cover, or software box, project as a UNIQUE one.
We put a lot of thought and years of design experience into creating a design that perfectly complements YOUR product. We take the greatest care in selecting the best graphics, fonts, and color scheme for your ebook cover design.
If you have some ideas on how you want your ebook cover to look, we'll listen to your ideas-- and try and take them to the next level. Or if you prefer, you can leave the design entirely in our hands. Either way, we'll make sure you get the BEST ebook cover, DVD cover, or software box cover for your money.
We provide one 2D flat cover and one 3D cover image. It'll include shadows and reflections and the best angle for the cover design. If you want the ebook cover design at any other angle, we can provide that too.
You'll find us fast, friendly, responsive and easy to work with. And we'll work with you till you're happy with the cover design, so don't worry about requesting changes.
If you're ready to order, please click here.
With Marketing Edge Designs your ebook cover design is in good hands. 
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