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Cartoons capture your attention and drive home a point using humor, with the desired effect of making it memorable.
Cartoons have been in modern print media since the 1840's when Punch magazine applied the term "cartoon" to satirical drawings in its pages. Most cartoons at that time were satirical and political in nature.
with Manoj has enabled to me to both challenge and inspire my audience. He quickly identified and understood my needs, style and pitch and was able to develop a unique creative communication tool delivered to a very tight deadline with flawless quality.
-Kirstie Doyle
Today, we still find cartoons in magazines and newspapers, but they also appear in a host of other publications (newsletters, books, etc.) and in more areas that just the political arena. They have made their presence known on Web sites, along with marketing and training manuals, classroom curricula and in the corporate world as well.
Here at Marketing Edge Designs we create professional cartoons on a daily basis. Whether it's business cartoons you need for your company newsletter or training manual, cartoons for your soon to be published book, educational cartoons to assist you in teaching your students or subject specific cartoons ranging from technology to science to entertainment for your Web site, Marketing Edge Designs has what you need.
How about spicing up your personal family Web site with cartoon caricatures of all your relatives? Looking for a unique way to present your sales pitch? Whatever the need, trust Marketing Edge Designs to design cartoons that will grab your target audience's attention and draw them in; making them want what you have to offer in terms of services and/or products. This will translate into $$$$ for you, thus helping your company to grow.
Corporate cartooning 
The challenge for any business today is coming up with new and innovative ways to capture and hold your audience's attention while giving them something to remember. This will in turn encourage them to return again and again for repeat business. With so many creative ideas flying through cyberspace at lightning speed, how can you harness the ones which are right for you and present them in a way that will make you rise above the competition? Just ask Marketing Edge Designs.
One of the techniques we can use to accomplish this sometimes daunting task is the implementation of corporate cartoons. Some of the avenues we suggest where you can utilize these helpful aids are the following:
Cartooning Samples
Cartoon 01
Cartoon 02
Cartoon 03
Cartoon 04
Cartoon 05
Cartoon 06
Cartoon 07
Cartoon 08
Cartoon 09
Cartoon 010
Cartoon 011
Cartoon 012
Cartoon 013
Cartoon 014
Cartoon 015
Cartoon 016
Cartoon 017
Cartoon 018
Cartoon 019
Cartoon 020
Cartoon 021
Cartoon 022
Cartoon 023
Cartoon 024
Cartoon 025
Cartoon 026
Cartoon 027
Cartoon 028
Corporate Cartoon 01
Corporate Cartoon 02
Corporate Cartoon 03
Corporate Cartoon 04
Corporate Cartoon 05
Corporate Cartoon 06
Corporate Cartoon 07
Corporate Cartoon 08
Corporate Cartoon 09
Corporate Cartoon 010
Corporate Cartoon 011
To illustrate points during training i.e. leadership, team building, feedback, personality typing, etc.
• To market HR initiatives such as suggestion schemes, CSR campaigns, culture building exercises, performance management, etc.
• To liven up staff portals, internal communication materials, staff newsletters, quarterly gazettes.
• To market reward and award schemes - like employee of the year.
• To generate and sustain culture and service standards - i.e. correct meeting management and email writing etiquette and customer services standards, through illustration on posters, fliers and other material.
All your advertising and training publications can be enhanced with corporate cartoons from Marketing Edge Designs. We carefully discuss with you in detail your specific needs and then take care to create just what you want to fulfill those needs.
You'll be proud to display our cutting edge designer cartoons in your manuals, posters, newsletters and more. Let Marketing Edge Designs become the last word in your company's quest to target your audience and assist you in making them life-long clients. Try Marketing Edge Designs and allow us to show you what we can do for you, at prices you can afford. Contact us for a quote now.
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